Creating a template for the marketplace can be a difficult process. Firstly, you have to evaluate if you are creating something different to what is already within the marketplace. Secondly, you should consider how your design will make you stand out amongst our thousands of web templates.

Team Ultimate offers its unique insight into what makes the finest web template in 2015 and beyond.


Unique, consistent and adaptable! These are just 3 of the elements that you should look into when creating a template. We at also recommend you focus on the user experience, browser compatibility, multi-device friendly and social. All these factors considered will create a template that will be competitive in our marketplace.

As a template creator, don’t copy what is within the marketplace but on the other hand, don’t completely reinvent the wheel. The last thing you want to do is design a template which is considered ahead of its time and rules you out of a sale. Differentiate your template by focusing on template elements that can be edited by fellow designers.

Think about how a fellow developer wants to create a website for a client and what a client, business or organisation wants to place on their website. Every business/ organisation wants to be able to brand a template to their business colours alongside their logo and corporate identity.

So developing an adaptable design that can allow a developer and/ or a business to make their own is definitely something you should consider. We recognise this sounds obvious but sometimes such simple things are missed.

Another important element of a template to consider is the user experience. Think of navigation, ease of use, how a user would function around the template. Anybody purchasing your template will focus on this.

Pay particular focus to user experience if you are creating a Magento template as your design may affect how the end user undertakes a monetary activity at the end of a process. The easiest way to test

Is your template multi browser compatible?

Team Ultimate also recommends that you look at creating a template that is compatible across multiple browsers. This element corresponds to aiding the user experience. You want to ensure the template produced configures the same as Firefox and Safari as it does on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Imagine the following…

A user opens your template Live Preview on Google Chrome. The user sees what the template will be like and how it would perform but decides against making a purchase at that point. The user then comes back to complete the purchase on a Safari Browser but makes a final template preview before making the purchase. It is noticeable the template looks different on chrome. The likelihood is the sale will be lost. Now, let’s avoid this scenario and make sure the template within the marketplace looks the same across all platforms.

Multi- device compatibility works in conjunction with browser friendliness. There are three main devices that you should focus on; Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.  You can create a template for each device if that is what you are comfortable with or design a single template from any of the devices enlisted above. Whatever your design forte, we are happy to support it.

However, Team Ultimate knows the marketplace and what will drive the best design results in 2015 and we think the following:

If you can design responsive, create responsive

If you have the skills to do it, don’t hold back. Whichever web template format e.g. WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc you decide to create, design it into responsive design.

Responsive templates are aesthetically pleasing to users using mobile and/ or tablet but the benefits for search engine optimisation are also highly regarded by search engines like Google, who are tagging mobile friendly websites and giving them precedence on user searches.

Search Engine News supports this after outlining how Google has endorsed responsive design and considers it a ranking factor for businesses and organisation websites.

Talk, share and exchange

A final factor to consider is how you can make your website respond, integrate or include social media in your design. Focus on how your website can get it users to communicate, share information and exchange or add plugins that will allow you to do this. Social media is not going away anytime soon so endorse it rather than neglect it.

Design a template which takes all these elements into account and Team Ultimate believe you are onto creating a winning formula!!

So remember…

  1. Consider the following elements:
  2. Unique
  3. Consistent
  4. Adaptability
  5. Browser Compatibility
  6. Multi device friendly
  7. User Experience
  8. Social
  9. If you know how too, make your template responsive

We hope we have helped. Keep a look out for further advice in our resource centre from a range of designers who are successfully using the marketplace.

Good luck with creating your template and if you are in need of further advice or need specialist one to one support, contact us directly on

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