To become an author and sell items on the Marketplace

The basics…

When you sell an item on the marketplace, you’re granting the purchaser to buy a single item for multiple use or a license to use that file in certain ways as per the terms you apply in your description.

You will always retain ownership of the item and can sell as many licenses as you want. Once you upload an item, it can be purchased multiple times without any limits.

Everything you sell as an author on the marketplace, the work you publish must be your own original content.

If you choose to use any assets or pieces of content that are owned by a 3rd party user or other users, you must produce evidence of an agreement that grants you permission to use and resell the item. Security checks will be undertaken and if evidence is not provided, items will be removed from the marketplace.

How does the marketplace work?

It’s as simple as one, two and three. Upload your items, get your item approved (well let’s hope so at the first time of asking) and create a portfolio of work that will sit within your dashboard. You can sell products in as many areas of expertise and interests as you wish.

Your item

All items on the have been and will be checked Team Ultimate. The price is in your hands. You have the opportunity to dictate the price of your item between a minimum £10 and maximum £50.

However, if we deem your chosen price to be unsuitable or any element of your item to be against our best practice guide and terms and conditions; your item price may be rejected and an alternative price may be recommended.

We will do everything we can to ensure to ensure you do not encounter issues on the marketplace and you maximise your sales potential. The review process we put in place ensures that purchasers of your item are getting the finest item possible for the greatest value.

When your earnings amass the minimum payment threshold, you will be able to request a withdrawal from your dashboard. UK authors can withdraw payments through Bacs or cheque. International author payments will be made international wire transfer.

If you choose not to withdraw your earnings, they will be saved in your account until you choose to do so.

Everything else…

As the website community develops, so will our website. Coming soon to the website will be expert views, news, competitions and a global forum.

Stay up to date with our happenings by checking out our blog and subscribing to our email newsletter to get the latest news and information straight to your email account.   

The Author Terms

To be an author on; we ask that you abide by our terms and conditions outlined below:

  • The product/ items you upload for sale should either be your own design or a third party design that you have a licence/ permission to sell. Evidence must be provided
  • The item needs to be exclusive to the marketplace. You are not permitted to sell designs that have or are being used on other marketplaces.
  • If you believe that anyone has copied your designs or web developments, please report to Team Ultimate on
  • Please DO NOT buy your own uploaded items or engage in other fraudulent activity that is detrimental to your partnership with Such activity will result in your item being removed from the Ultimate Themes marketplace and your account suspended indefinitely
  • Do not upload items that contain explicit content e.g. nudity, violence, spam etc
  • All items uploaded should be appropriate for commercial use where possible
  • When uploading a Photoshop (PSD) design, please hide all layers apart from the background. This will save file space and ensure that your product arrives seamlessly to its purchaser

Going Forward…

If you need any further advice, visit our resource centre, providing you with hints and tips to improve your designs. If you have any questions, please seek our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section. If your question is not answered via our FAQ section, please email Team Ultimate on

Assets and Resources

As an author or designer on the Ultimate website, you will need to include digital assets to support your upload e.g. supporting images and website previews. This aids the purchase decision for a buyer of your item.

Obtaining these images is not always easy. However, there are lots of websites available that you can gain FREE content from. Below is our guide to finding the best assets and resources in the market to improve your designs and make them marketable

Getting Started

So what does FREE mean? Well it certainly doesn’t apply the same meaning throughout life. In the case of images and photos, an asset maybe listed as free but you need to read the licensing details carefully as that could affect how the image or photo can be used on your item.

 What would Team Ultimate recommend?

Team Ultimate knows there is lots of money to be made from themes but your initial outgoings will increase if you have to pay for the assets within your design.

Therefore, we have recommended some of the best resources that you may find useful when picking images and photos. There may be more resources that we have not listed but if you find any more, share it with our community on our Facebook page,


  • Stock.xchng
  • NationslIlustrated

Asset Management

When creating items on the marketplace, you may want to utilise assets that you have not created or have permission to use. This will aid your chances of making a sale.

As an example, you may want to use a simple slider which means you require a banner image. This might be a photo.

You may not have the permission to utilise this asset on your template or design even though the image is merely a placeholder.

The content below explains how you can use these assets more effectively and how intellectual property affects your ongoing services.

Please take some time to familiarise yourself with two key elements below.

  1. Only use items that you own
  2. Only utilise assets that you have been given the permission to utilise with a specific licence.

What are assets?

I hear you ask, what are Assets? In simple terms, an asset can be anything from photos, illustrations, video, a web code or music (you get the picture) that makes up the content of your item and its preview. Your item is your licensed product on our marketplace.

All items in our marketplace will have a preview as well as a downloadable file. Previews can only be viewed online and depending on the set up, some live previews will be hosted via the authors own website. Previews are only accessible online where as the main file is distributed to the relevant purchaser.

The rules for using assets in both the preview and the main file may differ but both still need to be licensed for use in our marketplace. Failure to do so will result in the possible expulsion of your item and suspension of your account.

Assets in Item Previews

Assets used within an items preview needs to be licensed correctly for commercial use. As the asset is not being resold, you will not require a re-sale license as you would for use of that asset in the main file.

However, please be aware that you will need a license for commercial reproduction of any asset used within your preview. It’s important to read each license of any asset you’re intending to use to ensure the license terms comply with your use.

Can I use assets from the marketplace in my item’s preview?

You can use marketplace items if you buy a product from the market and utilise its assets under its terms of use and/ or license. This will allow you to use the asset without having to credit a fellow author or provide a link back to your website.

Can I use unlicensed e.g. watermarked etc, content from other sites?

You are unable to use unlicensed assets from any resource within your designs. This includes content from search engines and non purchased images from websites such as Istock, shutterstock etc. Licensed content is available from a range of resources and is expected to be utilised. You do not have permission to use watermarks from other resources apart from the dedicated UltimateThemes watermark.

If I licence an asset on another site, can I use it on

In simple terms, yes you can. However, the usual terms licensing laws apply. Please ensure you have the correct licence to use the assets. Any items that are found with incorrect licenses for assets will be removed from the market place. Please ensure you use the correct licence in the way it has been intended.

Videos? Can they be used in item previews?

Yes they can. Once again, please check the terms of use for commercial projects like web designs with the video sharing website or provider e.g. Vimeo, Youtube etc.

The most readily available license is the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. You can use videos licensed under the Creative Commons license as long as you recognise the original creator within your own design. To recognise the original creator, please insert a link back to the original source and enlist the licence in which you are utilising the asset within the design.

Please be aware all videos used should be contextually relevant to your own design and its representation in the marketplace.

Additionally, if a video is previously watermarked by another organisation, please identify its meaning as in most cases, the licence for use is restricted or copyrighted.

NOTE: Even though you may be using a creative commons attribution licence, it does not mean the video is guaranteed for use in your design preview. Check, check and check again.

Can I use an asset in the main download?

To be able to use an asset in the user downloadable file, you must have the rights to resell the asset. Additionally, Team Ultimate would advise that you read the licences that you use carefully to avoid any future repercussions. Check to see whether an asset can be distributed before use as that can help you make a decision on how to use the asset.

Can I use photos of people in an item?

You can use photos of people. However, like all other assets used in your design; a licence will be required. It is recommended you use an image from either the resources listed above or through a commercial image library like Shutterstock or Istock etc. It is you responsibility to ensure the images used are licensed correctly. Any item found to have images with incorrect licences will be removed on the marketplace and placed on hold until you sought to correct the outstanding issues.

Laws and rights surrounding privacy are common when personal images are used in any type of design or media project. The laws include publicity, rights of privacy and consumer protection laws. These rights are separate to the intellectual rights. In any case, a user must give consent for their imagery to be used. Therefore, Team Ultimate would recommend using images that have editorial or commercial licenses given to avoid any legal ramifications.

You are not allowed to use images of famous people (inc. those who have deceased) unless you have written consent directly from the individual or next of kin and can verify the consent. As this scenario is very rare and isolated; we recommend you do not use this imagery unless truly necessary. Any designs or previews with images of famous people that have not been verified will be removed from the marketplace.

What to look for when finding images of people?

Check for licence, terms and conditions and rights of use before embarking on choosing an image. If you are unsure; make sure you ASK the image resource for advice. You will need a license that allows for commercial re-distribution. If the photo is for use in your item preview only, then you still need a commercial use license but not necessarily one that allows re-distribution.

If I took a photo or a photo is in the public domain, do I require a licence?

If you take your own images or an image is within the public domain, you will still need to ask permission of those individuals included in the image before publishing it within your design or preview. Failure to gain permission could mean a dreaded legal battle in the future which you certainly do not want.

Licensing help: Creative Commons and Open Source

Creative Commons and Open Source were created to aid creative minds to distribute their work effectively whilst being able to licence assets effectively for designs and there previews.

Licences distributed by Creative Commons cannot be used in any way you wish. They are created for the sole purpose they are intended. Please pay careful attention to the licence that you are using and ensure it is fit for purpose. There are various Creative Common Licences

Where can I find assets that are licensed by Creative Commons?

Social media sites like Flickr are best to use for curated content that has been approved by the creative commons licence. However, be careful of what you use as Flickr also displays other media including YouTube videos.

Therefore, we recommend using the Creative Commons search page to find assets that can be used for commercial purposes under the CC licence.

Open source assets; Are they free to use?

Like all licences, there is a term of use attached to the use. Open source is no different. There is a common misconception that Open Source simply means unrestricted. This is simply not the case. Open source has common elements that are applied to its licences but vary in what is allowed and not allowed. The common elements can be found on the Open Source website.

What other issues need to be avoided?

Intellectual Property surrounding licensing of assets in your design or item preview, needs to be approached with care. As previously warned, the repercussions are worse than the initial research. Always remember that only licensed assets can be used. It is your responsibility to check.

Any Questions?

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